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"Hitting the ground running with ten tracks worth of straight-up stirring rock'n'roll, this debut album from New Jersey singer/songwriter Jesse Elliot does the trick with utmost infectious passion and vigor. Elliot's soaring vocals and smartly reflective songwriting make for a strong and impressive double whammy. The basic sound blends elements of rock, folk, and country into one very tasty and tuneful synthesis. The songs neatly alternate between low-key introspective numbers and all-out rousing rockers. A fine album."


- Joe Wawrzyniak of Jersey Beat


"This exciting, fresh, creative, gritty, arousing, piece of mastery from Jesse Elliot and his friends is awesome! . . . "I Gave You My All” is a compelling and engaging recording from a dynamic artist who crosses musical boundaries, back and forth, and sometimes even in the same song. Jesse Elliot can be a righteous and rocking songwriter who goes for the throat with impressive results. Yet at the same time, if he needs to slip into your heart through the back door, quietly and gently, he will!"


- Rick Jamm of Jamsphere Magazine

"The first thing that might strike you from the opening tones of I Gave You My All is that once “Oh, Oh, Oh!” begins you might wonder about from where exactly in the 70’s did they unearth Jesse Elliot? Clearly raised on the sound of classic-rock and at the perfect time in today’s music where this sound is making a relevant comeback – Jesse Elliot should fit right in there with his eclectic style and warm, familiar tones & tunes. . . He’s done well here for sure and made a cohesive album that definitely identifies his sound and style unmistakably with songs that display raw emotion and a real passion for making music from the heart.


- Jer of Sleeping Bag Studios





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